Convene Azeus Review 2022

Convene Azeus Review 2022

Board meetings need to evolve with their company and keep up with modern technology so that their ideas remain relevant and meeting processes remain as efficient and productive. Paper archives, mandatory face-to-face meetings, and manual preparation for meetings are all long a thing of the past and have been replaced by technologically advanced board portals that can streamline preparation, meeting, and post-meeting processes as well as possible. In this article, we’ll take a look at a representative board portal provider Convene Azeus, and look at its main features.

What is Azeus Convene software?

So, Convene Azeus is a professional solution for preparing and conducting board meetings called the board portal. These programs were created to make meeting preparation easier and faster, as well as improve the process itself, with advanced meeting management technology. The greatest benefits Azeus can bring to secretaries, managers, and executive assistants, as with the document management and organization functions, they can easily equip their colleagues with the right information at the right time and thus contribute to the effectiveness of the meeting.

In addition, Azeus offers advanced security features to protect portal content, encrypt data, and reduce the risk of data leakage. Companies in all industries can use Convene Azeus. This whiteboard portal offers everything to make it easy for transactors, including navigation and previewing, agenda creation features, remote meetings, access rights, secure chats for confidential discussions, and more.

Transparent employee interaction in convene board management software

The process of digitalization is irreversibly launched, and now more and more companies try to digitize their documentation and move it to secure online storage, because this way it is much easier to organize, manage and control it. Azeus can help you save a lot of time, allowing you to work with voluminous company archives as efficiently as possible and in a guaranteed secure location.

Board members can do the following thanks to the Azeus board portal:

  • Get easy access to all the materials you need – Because you can trust the portal without any risk, all authorized users, particularly board members, can have centralized access to all the materials they need to prepare for a meeting. You can do this from any device and location
  • Collaborate in real-time – the ability to view and edit reports together, as well as leave comments and annotations. You can also conduct polls and votes in the space
  • Effectively work on tasks within the space – A manager assigns tasks to specific employees, describes their tasks, and attaches attachments as needed, and they, in turn, will never forget their due dates because the software generates reminders for them

Other benefits of Convene Azeus

Convene Azeus is considered one of the best board software because it concentrates on the following features:

  • Having advanced tools to create a productive meeting – surveys, automatic notifications, and a calendar with a board schedule, to name a few features that will help make your job easier
  • Quality support service – contact program tech support at any time of day, via phone or email. They’ll be there to help you solve problems and offer training on how to use their tool
  • Compatibility with any operating system – the program supports both desktop and mobile operating systems so you can have access to it all the time
  • Traceability – everyone in the portal will be able to track the actions of other users and thus improve their performance by creating a specific algorithm of actions